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To help you study most effectively we have prepared our own unique lists of Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.  The same material is available on colour-coded practice cards at 17.50 per set, and Tense Practice Cards at 12.50 a set of 90 cards.

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Business Idioms - but only the idioms people use in real life! Divided into 5 groups to help you study, with a self-test section at the back.


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Phrasal Verbs - only the difficult and important.  This is a list of statistically frequent verbs in four General groups of importance, one group of Business verbs and one of Telephone Verbs.  Also an alphabetical list and translations into French, German, Italian and Spanish.


More than 350 General Idioms, collocations and colloquial expressions - but only those that people actually use in everyday conversation.


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