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Phrasal Verbs, Tenses, Check your level and see your personal study programme. EFE Language Test


Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Tenses, If...sentences, Conjugations, Reported Speech, Passive, Modals


Phrasal Verbs, General Idioms, Business Idioms, Favourite Mistakes, Vocabulary, Numbers, Phrases


Telephoning, Meetings, Appointments, Negotiating, Phrases, Numbers, Bibliography

Speaking & Listening

Sentence fillers, Discourse markers, Pronunciation, Sounds, Phonetic alphabet, AudioText, Talking Books, BBC Radio 4

English on the www

Courses and Sources: The Daily Telegraph, The Economist, Financial Times, Business Cartoon, CNN, London for Visitors

Writing English

Letters, E-mails, Faxes, Reports, Examinations, Connecting ideas, Formality

How to learn English

Methods, Materials, Bookshops, Schools, Specialist Dictionaries, Courses, Computers
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