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Help with your English?

If you need help with your English – to speak or to understand better – I can help.

Whatever your problems, whatever your level, whatever your need.

Contact me for a free Zoom call or meeting.

Good results in a surprisingly short time.

Your can work:

In Jurançon, really near Pau

You can work with me on your English in the peace and quiet of our classroom in Jurançon– either for short regular sessions, or for a crash course of three days residential.  10 minutes from Pau, 45 minutes from Lourdes airport, 2 hours from San Sebastian/Donostia.

On Zoom or Skype

Half-hour regular sessions by Zoom, either daily or weekly.  With homework!

With TutorScreens on Android or PC

With our own in-house software, either on its own or with regular Zoom or face-to-face coaching.

One-off in your office or company

For that important presentation,  interview, or CV preparation.

It is best to contact me early in the process of presentation preparation.

PhVb Prakpak on a BOOX device

PRAKPAK - Phrasal Verbs on eInk devices

Phrasal Verb Prakpak
A pdf document – simply load with your device’s pdf reader – to work on your English vocabulary in this vital area!

I am the English Consultant.

I have worked with hundreds of students. I specialise in Breakthrough Courses.

I can answer all your questions, give you the English you need and help you to remember and use what you learn – in the real world of business, study or travel.

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