What is a PRAKPAK?

A Prakpak is a practice pack for different areas of English.  Originally in card format, they have moved from a palmtop platform via hypertext implementation on a PC to eInk devices.

Optimised for BOOX devices, the Phrasal Verb Prakpak offers a simple and unique method of upgrading your comprehension of spoken English – and your spoken English!  It comes as a simple .pdf file.  You download it to your BOOX device, open it with the default NeoReader and start work!

To be sure it is going to help you, you can download a FREE 2-group version of the PrakpakFree and pre-order the full 6-group version with monthly crosswords here.

Phvbs Prakpak on BOOX

Download the Free 2-group version!

What makes the Prakpak – and other materials of the English Consultant – special, is the focus on Frequency of Use.  Which verbs are frequently used in everyday conversation, and which ones are not intuitively understandable?  Only these verbs are included in the Prakpak to make your study really effective.  The full version has 6 groups and is available for pre-order.