A professional teacher

with a history of innovation in study materials on different platforms  (see below) and ground-breaking pedagogical approaches Рimplemented in the software and described in the book.

I have been working with all nationalities, at all levels from beginner to advanced, for many years.  I can help you speak and understand better Рsurprisingly quickly!

(An amateur teacher is one who lives in the country for another reason and uses their knowledge of English to work.)

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the english consultant

English TutorScreens

A hyper-linked map of English grammar and vocabulary to help you understand, remember, and use what you have learned.

There is no other software or app like this!  See it in action here.

Phrasal Verb Prakpak

The same unique list of statistically-frequent and non-intuitive Phrasal Verbs as the full PC and app software – but interactively available on your eInk device in pdf format.

Card based Learning

Available only to one-to-one clients of the English Consultant, our unique card-based learning system for all the key elements of English.

Accelerated Learning of English

To learn English as fast as possible, and to understand and be able to use what you have learned, you need:

Good conditions
A good mental attitude, and
A good method

All simply explained in this book, with links where it helps to my TutorScreens software.

Palmtop software - Psion Organiser

Of historical interest only; the intermediate step between the Card based system and the PC/Android app.

I am the English Consultant.

I have worked with hundreds of students. I specialise in Breakthrough Courses.

I can answer all your questions, give you the English you need and help you to remember and use what you learn – in the real world of business, study or travel.

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